Boiler Leasing Service


Over the years, ENESCO has developed capabilities that allow us to provide customers with a range of service options, from investing in to leasing boilers, for them to flexibly select the solution most suited to their production needs and investment plans. In our experience, it can be more cost-effective for customers to consider leasing over investing in a boiler, in circumstances when the need for steam supply is short term, ad hoc or difficult to plan in advance:

1. When there is short-term demand for steam supply, especially during pre-commissioning phase: Staring a large boiler system such as a power plant, is very expensive job. Leasing a boiler for commissioning purposes before official operation of plant is a more cost-effective solution.

2. When main boiler is stopped by an incident: In cases of plant incidents or emergencies that require the main boiler to stop operation, leasing additional boiler(s) in the short term to maintain production might be a good option for the plant.

3. When there is demand for peak load: During the investment process, choosing the optimal capacity of the plant requires balancing between cost of investment and desired technical capacities. When seasonal or ad hoc production increase requires increased steam supply, a leased boiler to compensate for peak loads could be a time-effective and cost-effective solution.

4. During scheduled repair and maintenance of main boilers:
industrial boilers are required to be periodically checked, maintained and repaired. The investment in a stand-by boiler is more significant than leasing one from ENESCO.

5. When there is delay in installation of main boiler: During the investment process, boiler installation may be delayed due to various reasons, prompting customer to consider short term leasing of a stand-in boiler.

6. When there is shortage of investment capital: In the plant investment process, customers may lack short-term or long-term investment capital. With cost of leasing a boiler factored in working capital rather than in investment capital, leasing might be a workable solution.

In all above cases, ENESCO stands by to provide boiler leasing service to meet the steam supply needs of our customers. Our boiler leasing service comes with:

- Fast response, within 24 to 48 hours after receiving request (depending on location and distance);

- Modular system, so transportation and installation is fast and flexible.

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