Butterfly valve
Technical Specifications:
- Nominal Diameter (DN): 50 ÷ 1200
- Operating pressure: PN16, PN25, PN40,…
- Operating temperature: Below 650oC
- Connection: Flange joints
- Origin: Great Britain, China
The valve stem is made of cast iron, carbon steel or composite materials allowing exceptional bearing capacity.

Charateristics of the valve: light and compact structure, small volumn and weight with great circulation capacity, being able to bear high temperature and pressure, being able to operate in toxic corrosion environment.

Butterfly Valves are designed with fire resistant capability, meeting almost international fire resistant standards, and therefore, very reliable when operating in flammable medium such as petroleum.

The valve is suitable for industrial sectors, including: metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, or dealing with high temperature gas or steam, etc.