Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Station (PRDS)
Specification of PRDS valve:
- Body material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, and others on request.
- Standard Characteristics: Linear, Equal %, modified on request.
- End Connections: Flanged to ANSI Standards, Butt weldable, Socket weldable
Conventional method for pressure reducing and desuperheating of steam calls for pressure reducing valve followed with desuperheater.

We brings the most advanced method to reduce pressure and temperature of steam in a single unit called 'Combined PRDS'. During the process of pressure reduction in the valve water is being injected simultaneously into a highly turbulent zone called the 'Vena Contracta' zone. This causes instantaneous evaporation of water for complete desuperheating.

Typical Applications

-Turbine Bypass
- Condensor Dump
- Main Steam Line
-Turbine Extraction
- Auxiliary PRDSH
- Deaerator Pegging
- Ejector and Gland Sealing

Ordering Information: Process parameters needed for PRDS Valve Sizing (min/max)

- Steam Flow (Inlet) (kg/hr)
- Inlet Pressure [bar(g)]
- Outlet Pressure [bar(g)]
- Inlet Temperature (°C)
- Outlet Temperature (°C)
- Water Pressure [bar(g)]
- Water Temperature (°C)