Technical Specifications:
- Pressure on operation: upto 100 bar.
- Materials: cast irons; seamless steel tubes.
- Connecting to the system: flange joints and seam welding
Economizers are devices to recover heat from boiler flue gas for heating the water fed to boilers, with the purpose of increasing boilers’ efficiency from 5-15%, saving costs for fuels and lowering the discharge to environment.

It is important to calculate and select appropriate economizers suitable for the working conditions and durability of the equipments. There are 2 main types of economizers: 

- Cast iron economizer (wing-shaped type)
- Steel economizer.
Information requests when order: 
- Boiler capacity (kg/h); 
- Boiler’s pressure and temperature while operating (bar/oC); 
- Pressure and temperature of feed water (bar/oC)

Depending on specific conditions, Enesco will calculate and select suitable equipments as per customers’ requests.

Please contact us for consultation. 

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