Reciprocating grate boilers (vibrating grate)
- Steam capacity: from 4 t/h to 20 t/h
- Working pressure: 25 bars
- Thermal efficiency: 75% - 80%
- Steam Temperature: saturated or superheated
- Fuel: rice husk, sawdust, wood chips, agricultural waste ...
- Operational Mode: automatic and semi-automatic
Reciprocating grate boilers (or step-vibrating grate) model ENES-GN is a natural circulation water tube boiler, suitable for burning biomass fuels with various grain size and density such as: firewood chunk, wood chips, rice husks, sawdust, agricultural waste...

For this type of grate, the top layer of fuel is ignited on higher steps. During moving down to lower steps due to impact of movable grate bars, the fuel is mixed with the burning fuel and merged with the under grate air flow, that ensures complete burning. The grate is made of heat-resistant, anti-friction alloy cast iron, and equipped with slag removing devices (screw type or chain conveyor) allows full mechanization of fuel feeding and ash/slag removal.

Boilers are equipped with appropriate flue gas treatment system (multi-cyclone, wet scrubber...) and automatic control system, which guarantees the system meet all current standards on environment and labor safety.

The outstanding advantage of this type of boiler is: Possibility for simultaneous firing of different kinds of fuels with various types and size, simple operation, easy maintenance, low operating costs.