Bagasse fired boilers
- Steam capacity: from 10t/h to 150t/h
- Working pressure: up to 40 bars
- Thermal efficiency: 80% - 83%
- Steam temperature: saturated or superheated
- Fuel: bagasse (≤ 52% moisture)
- Operational Mode: Automatic
Bagasse fired boiler is a natural water tube circulation boiler, specialized for burning bagasse with moisture in range of 50 ~ 52%, and also burning the different biomass fuels which have low density such as wood shavings/chips, bark ...

The combustion in the boiler is based mainly on the in-flame burning principle. After being fed into the furnace, bagasse is thrown up pneumatically by the high pressure air nozzles and burned while suspended in the combustion space, the rest fuel is completely burnt out on the grate. This type of combustion chamber allows complete burning the fuel with low density and high moistutre.

Boilers are equipped with appropriate flue gas treatment system (multi-cyclone, wet scrubber...) and automatic control system, which guarantees the system meet all current standards on environment and labor safety.

This type of boiler especially is suitable for sugar mills and co-generation stations.

The outstanding advantage of this type of boiler is: Flexibility with different load mode, utilizing bagasses which are available at the mills, fully automatic operation mode, low operating costs.