Chain grate boiler
- Steam capacity: from 2 t/h to 25 t /h
- Working pressure: up to 25 bars
- Thermal efficiency: 75% - 80%
- Steam Temperature: saturated or superheated
- Fuel: coal, wood, biomass pellets
- Operation Mode: Automatic
Chain grate boiler model ENES-GX is a natural circulation water tube boiler, suitable for burning powder coal and other solid fuels such as wood, wood chips, biomass pellets ...

Chain stocker (belt-type and flake-type) are made of heat-resistant high strength alloy cast iron, equipped with slag removing devices (screw type or chain conveyor) allows full mechanization of fuel feeding and ash/slag removal.

Boilers are equipped with appropriate flue gas treatment system (multi-cyclone, wet scrubber...) and automatic control system, which guarantees the system meet all current standards on environment and labor safety.

The outstanding advantage of this type of boiler is: Stable performance, simple operation, mechanized fuel supply and ash removal, easy maintenance, low operating costs.