Combined Heat And Power Cogeneration System 1
Combined heat and power generation (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is the process that allows simultaneous production of 2 types of energy: electricity and heat via a signle or integrated system.

Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration Scheme for Sugar cane Factories

In various industries including sugar cane production, pulp and paper production, textiles, chemicals, fertilizers, cements, etc., there is a substantial demand for a stable supply of heat (saturation steam, super heated steam) for heating or drying products. Besides, there is demand for electric power for operating machines and lighting.

Generally, in a traditional production process, factories install industrial boilers for on-site heating; while electricity for operating machines and lighting is separately purchased from the national electricity grid. This is called a separate production process with heat produced on site and electricity is generated in power stations elsewhere. This practice leads to a significant waste of energy due to the following reasons:

• A great part of heat provided to the eclectricity production process at power stations is lost for cooling water in condensation tank.
• Transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity travels over power lines.
• Boilers with low specifications often have lower efficiency, compared to power generation boilers with high specifications.

The combined heat and power cogeneration will minimize the above disadvantages, and allow optimum energy efficiency benefits. 

Efficiency compare between Power Generation only and Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration

With substantial capability and experiences in boiler supply and technology transfer, Enesco has partnered with international suppliers from China, India and EU to provide equipments and technology transfer for partial or whole Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration Systems of small or medium sizes, meeting the needs of clients.

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